The Ways of The Gang

Let's talk! 

BBG was brought to life by CeeDee, a DFW-based hairstylist and entrepreneur. Boujie Beauty Gang was created to be more than just a brand. It embodies a way of life, that poses the question: Why just be basic when you can just be Boujie?

Cee Dee - Founder of Boujie Beauty Gang

What is Boujie? Issa way of showing who you are without speaking. Like those times you've stepped onto the scene and grasped people's attention, announcing to them your arrival, all while the royal trumpets play the background, and you haven't even spoken yet (Queen Talk).

Ladies, no matter if you’re wearing our gorgeous and high quality Boujie Crown Collection or getting that body right with our Boujie Fitness Collection, you will definitely be the source of elegant class and beauty to the public eye while at work, the mall, grocery store or gym! 

Formulated from just a couple hundred dollars, and a ton of caffeinated late nights, high hopes, and idea tossing, BBG today has grown into a successful beauty and fitness brand. Let's briefly travel to a time before it all existed, to 2016 where Cee first used a waist trainer on herself. She was seen all throughout her social media profiles sweating off her past and drastically changing her diet into a better future self. This resulted in her shedding a significant amount of weight and getting her health securely fastened to the right path. Of course the many people around her had to have the scoop on how she was able to accomplish her health goals. A demand was brewing.

Fast forward to 2017, where Cee is putting in the time for her cosmetology craft, obtaining her license and deciding to also get into the luxurious bundles business. Diving head first into the game with only a dollar and a dream proved to be a trial and error phase for her. She invested and lost thousands of dollars, but nothing to impossible for the Boujie Diva to bounce back from. All of this led up her official conception of BBG in September 2017 where she branded herself as a staple on the beauty and fitness scene.

The Boujie Cross Training Vest™, her first product, was an instant crowd pleaser. It inspired women of all shapes and sizes and colors to get more into their personal fitness. A wave was created. What better way to get your body goals accomplished than to do it Boujie and cute?

The demand was growing, so she felt it only right to spread the Boujie Love™, and so two more flagship products were produced: the belly band and body glove. From there, a gang or collective of Boujie queens was in the making and ready to mark its stamp onto the foreheads of beauty and fitness industries.

We offer the best quality extensions, for a range of clients. From those on a budget to those interested in wholesale. We have the finest single donor RAW hair extensions, swim wear, BBG apparel and fitness gear!

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